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Nilganihmaht: the Hand and the Five Rings
July 27, 2021
Nilganihmaht: the Hand and the Five Rings
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The Hand of Nilganihmaht is a secret mount found within the Maw. Players must collect the 5 rings scattered throughout the zone and return them to the hand.

The hand can be found within a cave in the Maw, the entrance to which is located at 26,32. You must also be inside the rift to see and interact with it. This can fortunately be done in one of two ways, either using a chaotic riftstone at a tear in Korthia and running there, or using a collapsing riftstone and entering from anywhere. Next to the hand will be a book detailing all the other hand mounts scattered within the patch.

Nilganihmaht Stone Ring

The first of the five rings you must obtain is Nilganihmaht’s Stone Ring. This ring requires you to find all four quartered pieces and repair them at a forge. Additionally, this ring is only obtainable during the necrolord assault while ‘Putting a Plan Together’ is active. Because of this, completing the mount requires a bit of favorable rng.

With that said, all four pieces can be found within Perdition Hold during the assault.

The first piece is found within the mawsworn caches on top of the walls surrounding the area. You must be in the Overcharged Centurion vehicle to be able to loot the ring piece.

The second piece is obtained by simply completing the quest, ‘Clearing the Walls’. This quest is a lootable one found inside the mawsworn caches mentioned prior. You will need to use the aforementioned vehicle to destroy those pylons.

The third piece can be found randomly throughout Perdition Hold. The locations are plentiful and the ring can move around. I found mine at 30, 58 inside a cave.

Finally, the fourth piece is looted from the Maw Mad Construct. This npc will randomly spawn within Perdition Hold and begin yelling your name. He has a respawn time of around 5-30 minutes so if you don't see him, just wait.

After obtaining all four quarters of the ring, you must then return to Zovaal’s Cauldron and combine them at a forge.

Nilganihmaht's Runed Band

Nilganihmaht’s Runed Band is possibly the easiest ring to obtain. All you have to do is kill the rare, Torglluun. This mob is located inside the rift at 28,24 near the Tremaculum and the ring is 100% drop.

Nilganihmaht Gold Band

Nilganihmaht’s Gold Band is another easy lootable. It does however require some climbing skills, and bravery if you are concerned about stygia. The ring is found atop a mountain overlooking the Crucible of the Damned. The base can be found at 18.6, 39 and the ring is up top at 19, 32.2.

Nilganihmaht Silver Ring

Nilganihmaht’s Silver Ring is unfortunately another lengthy grind. This ring is locked inside a cage sealed by 4 locks. In order to open this sealed chest, you must first obtain four Seal Breaker Keys.

The first key is a low drop chance from the Maldraxxi Defectors around Desmotaeron. These mobs are elites and easier to mass pull in a group. The drop chance is supposed to be around 5% but you can expect to be here a while.

The second key is located inside a building near Danica’s cage in the Beastwarrens. The entrance can be found at 66, 56 and the key is looted next to Kjellrun.

The third key can be found inside the Feeder’s Hand and Key. This item is a 100% drop from the rare Ylva. Ylva can be found at 66,43 within Desmotaeron. Be mindful, the area is surrounded by the elite Maldraxxi mobs.

The fourth and final key is looted from one of the Helgarde Supply Caches located all over Desmotaeron. These chests will not show on your map so you will have to watch your surroundings carefully. 

Once you have obtained all four keys, you are ready to return them to the Domination Sealed Chest at 66,57. After opening all the locks, the ring inside will be lootable.

Nilganihmaht's Signet Ring

Finally, we’re down to our fifth and final ring, Nilganihmaht’s Signet Ring. Obtaining this ring is rather uneventful and involves slaying yet another rare mob. Exos, Herald of Domination is located atop the Domination Keep in Perdition hold and requires a special item to be reached. The Domination’s Calling is obtained by combining the 3 etchings from the grief, loss, and pain rares in the Maw. If you don’t have this item yourself, you can group with another player who has it and use the portal they spawn to reach this rare. Exos has a 100% chance to drop the final ring.

Earning the Hand of Nilganihmaht’s Favor

After you’ve obtained all 5 of these secret rings, you are almost done with your mount quest. The next step is to return to the cave in the Maw within the rift. Nilganihmaht is waiting in the back at 25.4, 36.8. All you need to do is place each of the five rings on the fingers of the hand and the mount is added to your inventory. 

The golden Hand of Nilganihmaht shares it’s model with 3 other hand mounts added in Chains of Domination. The wekly Tormentors of Torghast cache has a 3% chance to drop the Hand of Bahmetra. The Hand of Hrestikorak is awarded for completing all of the Sanctum of Domination raid achievements. Finally, the Hand of Salaranga is awarded for completing the meta achievement for Korthia, Breaking the Chains. All four mounts are ground only and crawl along on two fingers while moving.

All four of these unique hand mounts have a special mount animation as well! They will begin to play rock paper scissors, randomly throwing out one of the three at the end. However, these animations are unfortunately client side and not server side. Because of this, you cannot currently play rock paper scissors with your friends as results will appear different. Maybe if we’re lucky, Blizzard will be nice enough to hotfix this in a future patch!

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