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About Project carry Mythic+ and PVE boost services

We have teams available in both the US and EU to complete your runs no matter where you are!

  • Daniil

    Daniil is the leader and founder of Project carry. His passion for the game and undyeilding resolve for victory makes him a choice guide through all challenge mode dungeons. He knows all the tricks and mechanics, and keeps the run entertaining. He plays a monk tank but his capable of playing every class in the game on a competitive level. His career in World of Warcraft began in 2011, and since then he's remained in the most elite raiding guilds. He's acheived a 2400 rating in 3's arenas every season he's played. He's eager to share is experience. He's taking care of marketing and customer support.

  • Masta

    Masta has been playing World of Warcraft since it's first stages. He began his legacy on a US server with his undead Warlock, Mastasnipa. He became reknown on Mannoroth for his skill. He is extremely knowledgeable of all 11 classes and is a multi-glad player on 7 of them. His confidence is not without cause, and he looks forward to gaming with you.

  • Secretlevel

    Secretlevel (Secret, for short) has been playing WoW for 8 years and has mastered every class and specialization in the game. he is known throughout the challenge mode community for his masterful tanking and well timed cooldown usage. When he isn't pushing for the legalization of marijuana, he's proving his reputation and tanking for your group. He's a veteran in high end raiding and Challenge mode runs.

  • Steve

    Steve is the team's greatest source of DPS. He's been playing World of Warcraft on and off since the release and has been raiding since Wrath of the Lich King. He's experienced and capable with each class. His friendly demeanor makes him easy to work with, and his amazing results make him useful to have on the team.

  • Rustem

    Rustem has played World of Warcraft since The Burning Crusade expansion and has truly mastered the art of playing WoW. Over the years he has raided in top 15 guilds as a Priest, Rogue and Hunter. Rustem is the teams core healer and can Heal or DPS on every class at a high-end level. Since Challenge Modes were released in 2012, Rustem has completed over 7000 Challenge Modes dungeons and counting making him a Challenge Mode expert. He's a social and friendly guy that would love to help you earn your rewards and ensure that you have a great time and a smooth experience along the way.

  • Maria

    Previously the great champion of quake 3 arena, The real hater of sims like games. I'm addicted to fire mage aoe rotation, paladins shiny magnificence and fury warriors. I'm also fan of TES series. but actually don't know what the hell is happening right there. I love to be WoW multi-classer, i'm getting natural pleasure when i see my name in skada on first place. I am also a Challange mode booster and Project's carry cutest operator.

  • Eclips

    Eclips is the definition of calculation. Being a multi gladiator on nearly every class, and over 7000 Challenge Modes completed he has mastered the art of keeping his party on the brink of death while maximizing his damage output as a Healer. He's truly one our most diverse individuals, both inside and out of the game.

  • Riley

    Riley, also known as "Young Riley" is the youngest player of the Project Carry team. He has been playing World of Warcraft since the tender age of 6. By Age 12, he has had multiple rank one logs as a warlock, elemental shaman and hunter. Although, Riley is capable of playing any dps class at the highest level. When he crawls out of his basement, he trains and compete in volleyball and beach volleyball. He's a very laid back and nice player that will make your run as smooth and fast as possible!