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Ardenweald: A Mount Collector’s Paradise
January 04, 2021
Ardenweald: A Mount Collector’s Paradise
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Shadowlands introduced a plethora of new mounts for avid collectors with Ardenweald awarding a large number of these through rares and puzzles. Mount hunting has always been a great way to break up the monotony from everyday chores in WoW and Ardenweald is a great place to start.


Mounts from Ardenweald Rares


There are a number of rares around Ardenweald that drop mounts when defeated. Most of these are guaranteed on first kill but there is a special one that is not. This rare also requires a member of the Night Fae covenant to summon him.




Humon’gozz is a mushroom rare that can be located at 34,32 in northwestern Ardenweald. The mobs surrounding the area are all level 60 but you do not need to be level capped to fight and loot this rare. He must be summoned by planting an ‘Unusually Large Mushroom’ at the Damp Loam in the area. This mushroom is an uncommon drop from mobs all over Ardenweald as well as in Mists of Tirna Scithe and has a lasting duration of 20 minutes.


Once spawned and defeated, he will drop the ‘Arboreal Gulper’ mount for all players who managed to tag him. This is a ground only masked frog mount and has become quite popular for random mount parades within Oribos.


If you are having trouble looting one of the mushrooms yourself, try using the group finder while within the area.


Gormtamer Tizo


Gormtamer Tizo is a spriggan rare that must be summoned within Mistveil Tangle. This is an elite mob area so tread carefully when travelling alone while not sufficiently geared.


Killing the mounted spriggans riding deranged guardians has a small chance for them to yell and summon Chompy, a large bronze and blue gorm. This can take a while if you’re unlucky. Once Chompy is slain, Gormtamer Tizo will dismount and become targettable. Slaying him awards the ‘Spinemaw Gladechewer’, a ground only gorm mount identical to Chompy’s model.


*note: do not confuse Chompy with Deifir the Untamed, another gorm rare of the same model in northern Ardenweald.


Night Mare


Night Mare is a special rare that requires players to obtain a dream catcher to interact with him. He can be found at 62,53 patrolling around Dreamshrine Basin, near Hibernal Hollow in Ardenweald.


Make sure you have goblin gliders (optional) and 10 Lightless Silk before going about finding the components. You can also use faerie dust, obtained at 52,62 from faeries in the area to fly up to the ledge. Obtaining the dreamcatcher also requires players to have completed the side quests at Glitterfall Basin, at least up to and including ‘Outplayed’.


  1. The broken soulweb can be found at 19,63 west of Tirna Scithe. It is up on a platform next to a broken cart and can be more easily accessed with slowfall or a goblin glider.
  2. Once obtained, bring the broken soulweb to Gwenna at Glitterfall Basin and she will repair it in exchange for the 10 Lightless Silk.
  3. Bring the repaired soulweb to Ysera at the Heart of the Forest and ask her to enchant it for you. Non night fae members will have to request an audience with Ysera by talking to guards at the refugee camp.


You now have the Dream Catcher and can interact with Night Mare by using it at Dreamshrine Basin, phasing into his realm. When slain, he drops a ground only, dark purple unicorn mount identical to his model.


Valfir the Unrelenting


Who could forget Valfir the Unrelenting, the giant hulking drust beast patrolling around Mistveil Tangle with a veil preventing all damage taken? Previously players were cheesing this rare by nuking him with light hitting aoe and pet damage in groups that took ~30 minutes to bring him down. Blizzard has since removed him from his patrol route and he can only reappear when a Night Fae member channels anima to this area via the Anima Conductor.


As weeks progress, it won’t be long before players have access to the rank 3 Anima Conductor and Valfir will terrorize this area once again. This time his veil will be removed and he will be vulnerable to damage and hopefully be killable within a reasonable amount of time!


Killing Valfir gives players a chance to receive the Glimmerfur Prowler mount at a rate of ~1%. This is a ground only, green fox mount with a similar model to the Vulpine Familiar store mount.


This mount can also be obtained by other means if you’re feeling cursed with bad luck. Players of the Night Fae covenant can purchase this mount from Elwyn in the Heart of the Forest for 5000 anima and 75 Grateful Offerings. Once purchased, this mount is usable by all characters regardless of covenant.


Ardenweald Treasure Mounts


Aside from rares, there are a couple of mounts in Ardenweald obtained from treasures and puzzles. If you’re looking to break up the monotony of world quests and fishing, try searching for these more obscure mounts!


Shimmermist Runner


The Shimmermist Runner is a pale blue and purple unicorn mount awarded for correctly running through the maze in Mistveil Tangle.


The start of the maze can be found at 31,54. From here you will have to walk through all the correct gates to make it to the end. These are all lit by a white/blue lantern somewhere nearby (usually above the arch) but the coordinates are as follows:

  • 29.6,55.7 Left
  • 29.9,57.7 Right
  • 29.4,58.5 Left
  • 29,58.9 Right
  • 28.2,58.1 Forward
  • 27.1,58.2 Left


At the end of the maze, if you completed it correctly, a spriggan named Shizgher will be standing there next to a unicorn. Slaying him allows players to interact with the unicorn, awarding the Shimmermist Runner mount. This mount doubles as a flying mount where flying is permitted.


*note: Being a class that can drop aggro or stealth through makes for a much easier time. Shadowmeld is also a useful ability here for night elves.


You do not need to be level 60 to see or interact with this rare but the mobs here are elites and hit quite hard.


Wildseed Cradle


The Wildseed Cradle is a new and unique model obtained from an Ardenweald treasure, The Cache of the Moon.


This treasure is located at Tirna Vaal but is only accessible once you return Twinklestar’s Toolbox to Twinklestar. Obtaining this toolbox requires looting the 5 tools scattered all around the Garden of Night in Ardenweald.


  • Gardener’s Basket - 40,52 found on the edge of the fountain
  • Gardener’s Hammer - 39,54 found in the cart under the bridge
  • Diary of the Night - 39,57 found on the tree platform in the middle of the garden
  • Gardener’s Flute - 38,58 found on the ground between two trees
  • Gardener’s Wand - 39,60 found under the cart near the flute.

Once you have all 5 items, you can right click to combine them into the toolbox. Returning the toolbox to Twinklestar allows you to interact with the chest behind her, awarding the mount.


This mount doubles as a flying mount where flying is permitted but is otherwise a ground mount in Shadowlands zones.


*note: Talking with Twinklestar grants a buff called ‘Moonsight’ upon request which turns your skybox to match that of Ardenweald in any zone when you look up. It’s purely cosmetic but it does make for some gorgeous screenshots!


Court of Night


The Court of Night is typically a Night Fae only reputation that awards a number of cosmetics unique to them, however other covenants do have access to earn rep with them at a much slower rate. Killing either of the two rares that can be summoned by night fae players via the Anima Conductor award 500 rep each per day.


The Court of Night quartermaster, Spindlenose, can be found at 59,52 in Hibernal Hollow.


Upon reaching revered reputation, two mounts become available for purchase from the quartermaster in Ardenweald for 5000 anima and 5 grateful offerings each. The Winterborn Runestag is a recolored light grey stag that is a ground only mount. The Umbral Scythehorn is a dark grey gorm mount only usable as a ground mount.


Both of these mounts can be acquired and used by players of any covenant. Night fae players just have the advantage of gaining them much faster.


There’s a little something for everyone when it comes to collecting in WoW.  Mounts and toys are awarded at every turn for those who take the time to look. Mount collecting has become a fun hobby for many and with this guide you can wow your friends with your new finds.




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