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Achieving a Flawless Run in Torghast
September 07, 2021
Achieving a Flawless Run in Torghast
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Torghast underwent major changes in patch 9.1; among which was a talent tree similar to horrific visions and a new scoring system with a bunch of cosmetics. Achieving a flawless run in Torghast is based around fully exploring and clearing each floor. Doing so successfully will also grant access to the brand new ‘Adamant Vaults’ if unlocked, for increased rewards.

How to Achieve a Flawless Run in Torghast

Running Torghast has unfortunately become a bit more complicated this patch with all the new systems in place. Because of this, it can seem rather intimidating for players used to the old system to plunge right in. Previously, one could rush to the end while killing as little as possible so long as they got decent anima powers. Presently, your completion percentage of each floor alongside your run time now contributes to a new scoring system. This scoring system will determine how you unlock subsequent layer difficulties as well as how much tower knowledge you earn. Fortunately, there are several side objectives that can be completed to add bonus points to your score to assist with earning flawless status in your Torghast run.

In order to achieve a flawless run in torghast, you will need to earn 200 points or more by the end. This is done primarily by getting as close to 100% completion as possible. What this means is breaking every urn, freeing every soul, and killing every mob. Additionally, make sure you don’t spend too long on the floor while doing so. Each floor layout has a set par time in place, your time is shown compared to the par while ascending to the next floor. Try to clear each floor as quickly as you can to earn extra points; however, being marginally over by a few minutes shouldn’t be detrimental enough to kill your run. 

Be as Clean as Possible

Deaths will also subtract 20 points each from your final score. Because of this, try to be precise and don’t pull more than you can handle. Thankfully, there was a carry over upgrade from Ve’nari, Vessel of Unfortunate Spikes, where the first death will not count against your score. Additionally, there is an upgrade via the box of many things that when maxed out, causes each death to have a 15% chance to not count against you. However, there is no cap on how many points you can lose from dying and it is completely possible to have a final score of 0 if you have too many deaths.

Empowerment Bar

The new empowerment bar and ability are also a major factor in achieving a flawless torghast run. Completing actions within the tower will slowly fill the bar on the side and once it’s filled, an extra action button will appear. Using this ability grants increased haste and leech while also awarding double points for actions completed while empowered. Using this button at the right timing is very important. Typically, you will want to use it when you have a bunch of enemies rounded up to aoe down quickly. It is never worth it to save for end of floor bosses but you will want to pool the bar on the fourth floor. This is to ensure you have the empowerment up for the final boss. The box of many things has several major upgrades to this ability when spending tower knowledge. 

Bonus Objectives

In addition to the basics, there are a number of different side objectives that will add extra points to your final total. Several of these are unfortunately rng based but you should try to complete as many as possible to increase chances of success. These range from completing puzzles and survivor quests to anima power choice and are very simple ways to massively increase your score.

  • *Annihilator - Floor 5 boss killed in under 20 seconds - 20 points
  • Collector - Collect at least 30 anima powers - 10 points
  • Daredevil - Defeat 2 elites within 10 seconds of each other - 10 points
  • *Executioner - Floor 5 boss killed in under 40 seconds - 10 points
  • *Highlander - No duplicate anima powers - 15 points
  • Hoarder - Defeat the floor 5 boss with at least 500 phantasma remaining (scales up for each party member e.g 2 players collectively requires 1000) - 10 points
  • Hunter - No elite enemies reached 4 stacks of Unnatural Power - 15 points
  • Pauper - No epic anima powers - 10 points
  • Pillager - 90% of ashen phylacteries destroyed - 5 points
  • Plunderer - Opened treasure chests - 5 points
  • *Reinforced - Collect at least 5 Obleron Armaments of the same type - 10 points
  • Rescuer - Assisted a denizen of Torghast - 10 points
  • Robber - Robbed a broker (via shoplifter blessing or ravenous anima cell) - 5 points
  • Savior - All soul remnants freed - 10 points
  • Trapmaster - No trap damage taken - 10 points

Tasks marked with a * are mutually exclusive with another similar task, you will be unable to earn all of these in a single run.

Don't Stress for Every Bonus

Additionally, some of these should not be forced in your torghast runs. You do not need to complete all of these in order to achieve a flawless torghast run. Because of this, certain objectives such as the ‘no duplicate powers’ one isn’t often beneficial. Some classes benefit heavily from stacking certain abilities and will be able to make up the points elsewhere. In other words, don’t overthink it.

Ascending to the Adamant Vaults

The adamant vaults is one of the new additions to torghast with the patch. These extra floors are a small extension to your current torghast layer and are only accessible by earning 200 or more points. In order to unlock the adamant vaults, you or someone in your party has to have purchased the trait from the talent tree for 100 tower knowledge. This wing will be available after each flawless run achieved and offers many new cosmetics and coveted conduit upgrades.

The adamant vaults are a small two floor extension following the same difficulty scaling of the rest of the layer. The first floor consists of trash mobs and iron maidens leading to treasure or more enemies. Each enemy killed or urn broken will contribute to the empowerment bar on these floors as well. On the second floor you will encounter the final boss. This boss is one of two unique to Adamant Vault floors. On this floor you will also find a vendor if it doesn't roll the same one you robbed on a previous floor. Additionally, the vendor will still sell anima powers but also has access to special cosmetic unlocks. Defeating the final boss also has a chance for cosmetic back pieces, toys, and a special conduit upgrade item. This item functions similar to the soul-twining crescent in korthia but instead offers potential upgrades to item level 252. 

Tower Knowledge and the Box of Many Things

Each time you complete a layer in Torghast you will earn a fixed amount of tower knowledge. This new currency is redeemed at the box of many things in the runecarver’s chamber and grants access to major power increases. The layer of difficulty as well as the amount of points earned for the run are all contributing factors in how much tower knowledge is granted. Additionally, completing the adamant vault floors after a flawless run grants bonus tower knowledge.

The talent tree system functions very similarly to the titan console from horrific visions during bfa. The currency for redeeming points is capped each week however there is a catchup mechanic in play. Running extra wings of torghast will award a small amount of missing currency up to the current cap. Each trait costs scaling amounts of tower knowledge per rank and further traits require a certain amount of knowledge to be spent prior to unlocking them.

Each of these traits offers a powerful bonus to your torghast layers making future flawless runs in the tower much easier. Some traits offer special buffs unique to each wing or take away some of the negative torments. Other traits increase your overall damage or your empowerment buff. Additionally, there are further useful defensive traits including taking reduced damage from bosses and elites, as well as ways to make deaths not always count against your final score.

Added Group Functionality

Gaining access to the Adamant Vaults is achieved from spending tower knowledge at the box. The unlock costs only 100 tower knowledge but requires minor advancements in the rest of the talent tree. However, you do not need to unlock this trait yourself if you are grouping with someone who has it. Everyone in their party will be able to participate in the adamant vault floors if they achieve a flawless run. 

In fact, many of the traits unlocked via the box of many things are fortunately party wide. If one person has them, everyone in the group can reap the benefits. This is also very useful for players progressing through torghast on alts as the tower knowledge system is currently not account wide. With that said, there are some powers and traits that will still require a personal unlock to gain the benefit. These are typically just the damage/haste increase based ones as well as the final trait which causes all enemies slain while empowered to explode for aoe damage.

In conclusion, Torghast has received a lot more playability now with the introduction of cosmetics and this new scoring system. Managing to complete each wing of torghast in a flawless run on layer 12 will also reward the player with a special horse mount. Additionally, participating in the adamant vaults allows access to many cosmetic back and shoulder mogs as well as a few new toys. Players behind on conduit upgrades will also find the tower a very lucrative way to catch up each week. All in all, spamming torghast is a decent way to pass time in between content draughts thanks to all these quality of life updates!

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