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The Quest for Sinrunner Blanchy
January 18, 2021
The Quest for Sinrunner Blanchy
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Revendreth, while not known for having a large range of mounts available for non-Venthyr covenant members, is still home to one of the most notable, Sinrunner Blanchy. This mount has a ghastly glowing red model with a unique summoning animation. This is currently a ground only mount but since we currently can’t fly anyway, she’s definitely worth obtaining.


Remembering Sinrunner Blanchy in Life


Blizzard is no stranger to bringing back popular characters in Shadowlands. There’s so many fun easter eggs for Warcraft lore fanatics scattered throughout the zones. Blanchy made several appearances for veteran alliance players throughout WoW’s history and has now made her way to Revendreth in the afterlife.


Blanchy was owned and cared for by Theodore and Verna Furlbrow near Janson Stead in Westfall. She also made appearances in Grizzly Hills during Wrath of the Lich King alongside the Westfall Brigade.


Blanchy returned to Westfall prior to the Cataclysm but was shortly thereafter murdered alongside her owners by Defias Thugs. This murder serves as the main focus at the start of the Westfall questline.


Now she runs around the Endmire endlessly after being condemned to Revendreth as a Sinrunner.


Befriending Sinrunner Blanchy


Obtaining Blanchy’s Reins works similarly to the Alpaca in Uldum during BFA. She requires players to bring her items for 6 days but unlike the Alpaca, these items change daily. Also important to note is that it does not have to be 6 consecutive days. If you skip one by accident, you can continue it up the next day from the same point.


Sinrunner Blanchy can be found running very quickly around the Endmire in Revendreth. She spawns at the northern end of the area, around 63,41 and patrols. Running in front of her will cause her to stop in her tracks, allowing players to interact. She despawns after 5 minutes or so and has a respawn timer of 1-2 hours.


It’s best to go around collecting all the items needed before meeting Blanchy to save you some time in the coming days. None of these items expire so you can safely keep them in your bags.


Searching for ‘Blanchy’ in the group finder is the fastest way to find her if she’s not currently up on your realm.


Day 1


The first day meeting Blanchy, you will have to bring her 8 handfuls of oats. These are looted from sacks of oats scattered around the farms in northern Westfall. Each sack of oats has a 2-4 minute respawn and can yield multiple handfuls per loot.


If the area is overpopulated with players, you can likely purchase these from your realm’s auction house. They’re usually not too expensive, around ~100 gold each.


Day 2


On the second day, Blanchy will request that you bring her a grooming brush. To obtain this, you must find Snickersnee in Revendreth, around 63, 61 near Darkhaven. Talking to him brings up a dialogue option to borrow his grooming brush.


Day 3


The third day will require a bit of scavenging along the roads in Revendreth. Blanchy will require you to bring her 4 sturdy horseshoes. These can be found glittering alongside many commonly trafficked roads in the zone. Each horseshoe has a respawn time of about ~2 minutes so you *can* sit in one place if you wish.


These can be a little hard to see as they blend in with the dark color scheme of the zone, try looking for the sparkles on the ground.


Day 4


Blanchy needs fresh water on the fourth day so there will be some travel involved. First you must loot the empty water bucket back by Snickersnee in Darkhaven (63,61). Once obtained, you must go to either Ardenweald or Bastion and use the bucket with any pool of water. After you have filled the bucket, you must return it to Dead Blanchy.


Day 5


On the fifth day, you will have to bring Blanchy a comfortable saddle blanket. This blanket can be purchased from Ta’tru near the night market in Revendreth (51,78). The currency required to purchase this seems to vary and change frequently. It seems to randomly cost varying amounts of reagents from Shadowlands. This can be ores, meats, herbs, and even sinstone fragments so make sure you come prepared!


Day 6


On the sixth and final day, Blanchy will ask for 3 Dredhollow Apples. These can be purchased from Mims, the innkeeper of the Hole in the Wall, near Charred Ramparts (40.8,46.5). After returning the apples to Blanchy, players will find Blanchy's Reins in their bags.


Special Interactions


This mount even comes with its own special easter egg. If you return to the site of Old Blanchy’s demise while riding Sinrunner Blanchy, you will be dismounted and a message appears. The message reads ‘Sinrunner Blanchy screams in anguish and then fades from view.


As mentioned earlier, Sinrunner Blanchy has her own special summoning animation! She seems to materialize out of a red mist when summoned and has some unique sound effects while running.


Other Notable Revendreth Mounts


Sinrunner Blanchy has completely stolen the spotlight for this zone but let’s not forget the other rares that offer flying mounts!

Horrid Dredwing


This flying bat mount drops from Harika the Horrid, who can be found flying around south of  Wanecrypt Hill (46,79). Normally, this rare is not able to be targeted and will require a Venthyr to channel anima to the area via the Anima Conductor to become killable. Harika has a very low chance to drop the mount, at around 1-2%.


This mount is speculated to only be lootable by members of the Venthyr covenant however, it can be used by anyone. This is the same for all anima conductor rares that drop mounts.


Venthyr players can also purchase this mount from their renown quartermaster for 5000 anima and 75 grateful offerings if they’d prefer to not be disappointed in drop rates.


Endmire Flyer


The Endmire Flyer is a flying spider/tick mount that resembles the mobs creeping around various parts of Revendreth. 


It has a very low chance to drop off Famu the Infinite, located in the Endmire, north of the Darkhaven flight point (63,46). To spawn him, you must speak with Seeker Hilda and defeat waves of enemies. After the final wave, Famu will spawn but he is tough to solo and It is highly recommended you fight him in a group. That said, if he is not up on your realm you can try the group finder to find him! The mount drop is roughly 1% so good luck to all you mount hunters!

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