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Slime Serpent Secret Solved
April 26, 2021
Slime Serpent Secret Solved
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Mount collectors rejoice as the Slime Serpent secret has finally been solved! This mount was datamined back in the Shadowlands beta as a plaguefall drop with no other information. Ever since this, collectors have been hard at work figuring out how to obtain it. If the idea of completing solo challenges appeals to you, this is a mount you won’t want to miss.

How to Obtain the Slime Serpent

The slime serpent has remained a total mystery up until about two weeks ago when the secret finder discord finally uncovered the secret. This slimy boy can be seen swimming through the slime pools in the background of the plaguefall dungeon throughout the run. Players have also taken notice of the new ‘leveling’ strategy of skipping the first two bosses in this instance for fast completion experience. With this in mind, collectors finally had a massive clue hiding in plain sight. In order to obtain this mount, you must solo the final two bosses of plaguefall on heroic or mythic difficulty. After successfully doing so, the mount will spawn back by the third boss for taming.

Now that we know the requirements to get this mount, let's talk about difficulty and strategy. Unfortunately, only a few classes are currently known to have been able to solo these final bosses, most of them are tanks. Domina Venomblade is a massive wall for many classes without good defensive capabilities as her assassins will quickly tear you to shreds. Additionally, unless we get tier sets back or can equip multiple legendaries this will not get easier. Blizzard tends to buff dungeons each patch to keep them relevant so whether you do it now or later, the difficulty likely remains the same.

Plaguefall Trash

If you don’t have an invis pot on you or you’re not on a class with built in stealth, you will have to clear a decent amount of trash. 

Non skippable mobs include:

  • Decaying Flesh Giant
  • Plagueroc to the left just after first boss area
  • Possibly a tentacle (I squeezed through without pulling but seems random)
  • Virulax Blightweaver
  • Mobs surrounding Margrave Stradama

If you are doing this on a mage, you will have to clear more in order to get a fungalmancer over to the third boss.

If you can invis or feign death/shadowmeld you won’t have to clear anything until you get to Domina’s area. This trash is a bit rough, its best to either cc the ambusher for last or nuke it down first. Additionally, do not interrupt the webbing cast from the ambusher, save everything for the stealthlings ability. If the little spiders go off, they will definitely hurt and possibly kill you with everything else attacking you.

Domina Venomblade

After all the trash is cleared, you can now proceed onto Domina Venomblade. She only has about 400k hp on heroic difficulty so with enough burst it shouldn't be too lengthy. Dps classes should be looking at a 1-4 minute fight depending on gear and class. Tanks, although having an easier time of this encounter, will be looking at a much longer kill time. Expect to take about 5-8 minutes here depending on gear. Make sure to pop the assassins out of their stealth webs quickly and burst them down. This boss also periodically will stun you, make sure you have enough health to survive the damage on top of the boss hitting you for the next 3 seconds after. If you have an immunity to get out of the stun, try to save it for a dangerous moment in the fight.

Margrave Stradama

Finally, you have downed the roughest part of the dungeon and it’s mostly smooth sailing from here. Margrave Stradama doesn’t have any major pain points or unexpected damage throughout her encounter. Because of this, most classes should have little to no issue defeating her regardless of the method used to get here. Furthemore, make sure you are always standing in melee range to avoid taking damage from plague rot. She doesn’t hit too hard so as long as you can dodge the tentacles and soak the slime circle from the Malignant Spawn it’s a relatively free kill.

Stradama has roughly 500k health but because of how the fight is broken up at 66% and 33%, kill times will vary.

Make sure when the adds spawn in that you focus on pushing her phase first. You can cleave the malignant spawns with her but these should be second kill priority. You’ll have plenty of time to finish them off during the intermission phases. Additionally, if you're one of the lucky few classes with a disease dispel, the infectious rain will be a non-issue throughout this fight. Also self healing will be your friend here as well.

Because of this fight being broken up at specific health percentages, deciding when is best to use major cooldowns and bloodlust/drums will be a result of trial and error. Personally, I used cooldowns on pull and they came back up around the final phase. I saved lust for the final phase out of habit but probably could have used it sooner. Thankfully, lust isn’t required to be able to defeat stradama but it is nice to have.

Taming your Slime Serpent

Immediately after defeating Margrave Stradama, there will be a ‘quest completed’ pop up in your chat. This signifies you have successfully completed the challenge and your slime serpent is now waiting for you. Now it’s time to head back out of stradama’s room and take the teleporter in the room to the right. This will then take you back up to Domina’s arena. Keep walking straight and you will see the slime serpent in the pools to the left.

Now all that’s left to do is walk up to him and pet him. After doing this, the slime serpent will automatically be added to your mount collection! Congratulations!

Domina Loophole

Although the secret requires you to solo the final two bosses in the instance, some players have found a loophole. Specifically, as long as only one player is present in the instance the criteria will still be met after killing the final boss. This means a player who can get through Domina easily can then share their lockout with a friend. They will then leave the instance and their friend will walk in to kill Stradama and leave with the mount. Stradama is much easier than Domina and more classes should be able to down her by using this loophole. This might get patched in the future but currently remains a viable strategy to help those struggling with add management.

Class Specific Tips and Tricks

Of the dps classes able to complete this challenge, many of them made clever use of game mechanics to do so. Many others are unfortunately still struggling to find the best way to obtain the slime serpent. With this in mind, the skip above seems to be the only viable option for some.

These are the most common dps to have solo’d this challenge. Additionally, any class with a tank spec will be able to complete this as well, it will just take much longer.


Beast mastery has remained the king of solo content for quite some time now. They have a ton of utility and pets that take aggro for them. This opens up a lot of opportunities for them and they will likely have the easiest time with this challenge. They also bring a bloodlust which is incredibly useful with the recent nerfs to leatherworking drums.

  • Feign Death completely removes the assassins from the Domina encounter. As soon as they spawn in, you can feign and they will stop throwing daggers. It will be up for every spawn but you will likely take a round of daggers.
  • Make sure to run Aspect of the Beast talent with a ferocity pet for the extra leech and keep mend pet on cooldown (this will also heal you) for both encounters.
  • Reminder that being in an instance auto disables your pet taunt. Make sure to turn this on and use misdirect liberally to keep bosses off of you.
  • In a pinch you can use turtle to avoid a stun on Domina if for whatever reason you or your pets are in danger of dying.
  • On Stradama, in between phases she will lose interest in your pets. It is important to save misdirect and feign death for when she resurfaces to keep threat off of you.

I personally accomplished this solo challenge as a 216 ilvl beast mastery hunter and each fight took about 2-3 minutes. My pets never died and I only hit one risky point on Domina where I had to pop a health pot. With this in mind, you don’t need to be super overgeared to accomplish this as a hunter so long as you make use of your full kit.


Mages are another kite and utility master for solo content but they are a bit squishy. I have only seen super overgeared achieve this mount without using some crazy strats. Unfortunately with the mirror image hotfix, spawning the spiders on Domina is much more aggravating. You do, however, bring a lust with time warp which makes bursting much easier.

If you have a lot of mythic gear, you can charge in on Domina and nuke her before anything gets out of hand.

If you are undergeared, you will have to make use of buffs within the dungeon. Unfortunately, this requires clearing a lot of extra trash. Basically, you will need to bring a fungalmancer mob with you all the way into Domina’s arena. This mob casts an ability called ‘wondergrow’ which can be stolen with spellsteal. This ability stacks up to 10 times and increases the target’s damage by 15% with each stack.

You just need to kite this mob around until you get 10 stacks of the buff, polymorph him in a corner, and nuke the boss for a nearly free kill. 

  • Running the Cryo-Freeze conduit in your endurance slot will help recover from a tight spot.
  • Kindling has significantly less value than both pyroclasm and meteor for this challenge.
  • Additionally, you can blink out of a stun on Domina if you are not running shimmer. This will come in handy for kiting.


Warlock is known for being a fairly durable caster dps. They bring a decent amount of utility and self sustain but unfortunately have to cheese this encounter. 

The only known way warlocks have completed this challenge is by abusing covenant abilities. Both of these strats are also running demonology spec. Additionally, you basically end up bursting your heart out, ‘dying’ and praying you have enough pets to finish off the boss.

  • Podtender strat: This one doesn’t involve fully dying so it is less risky but basically you burst domina as hard as you can until you ‘die’ into the seedpod. While you are reviving, your pets should be able to finish off (or come close to doing so) the boss and you can claim your kill.
  • Service in Stone: General Draven’s soulbind is used for the next strat. It is similar to the podtender strat but you will actually die. You must make sure to soulstone yourself and pop it instantly while your stoneform is ready to pop for damage. This should be enough time to finish off the boss.
  • It is not worth running the voidwalker for any of these encounters as you will likely rip threat anyway. Running the imp or felguard will be much more valuable here.

Slime Serpent Consumables

As this challenge is still new and a lot of classes will struggle with it, you should always approach it fully prepared. Make sure you have the following before entering plaguefall:

  • Spectral Flask of Power
  • Weapon oils/ sharpening stones
  • Stat food
  • Augment runes (optional but useful)
  • Lust/drums
  • Proper talent setup. Your raid default is likely not the most optimal build for a solo challenge. Make sure you have the proper defense and offense talents for the job.
  • DPS trinkets will help squeeze out extra damage. Opt for Inscrutable Quantum Device and Dreadfire Vessel wherever possible.
    • Inscrutable Quantum Device is incredibly versatile for this challenge because of all the conditional procs. Primarily it will give secondary stats but it also can trigger a heal if you are low, break you out of a stun on domina, or function as a secondary execute if the boss is low enough.
    • Dreadfire Vessel is just extremely powerful. It has the chance to crit for massive damage on use. It also has a short enough cooldown to be used multiple times during these encounters.

Also, tanks will probably opt for a higher dps build over survivability depending on gear levels. This also means you will probably prefer raw dps throughput trinkets over armor increase/healing. Because of this, the optimal approach will be to play around for a while before deciding what’s best.

Finally, best of luck to all the mount collectors on your quest for the slime serpent mount!

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