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Mythic+ Dungeon Carry

In Legion a new feature was added known as Mythic + Dungeons. To enable this new difficulty one of the party members in your group must have an item known as a "Keystone". This Keystone comes from any Mythic Dungeon in Legion and you can get one a week. Each time you complete a Mythic + Dungeon and meet the requirements, this Keystone will level up to a higher level.

As the Mythic + Keystone levels up it increases the enemies health and damage by a certain % as well as adding in certain mechanics that you have to deal with in the dungeons known as affixes. There are 3 affixes that are applied to Mythic + Dungeons at level 4, 7 and 10 respectively. In addition to the added mechanics and health/damage increase there is also a timer that you must complete the dungeon with. If you fail to meet this timer, the Keystone used to start the dungeon will deplete which will require you to run that same dungeon again until you complete the dungeon within the timer.

Mythic+ Dungeon Carry - Not for the faint of heart

When you complete a Mythic + Dungeon you are rewarded with 1 to 3 chests of loot at the end based on how well your group did. Each chest will contain gear, artifact power and potentially legendary items. The higher levels rewards very good loot ranging from Legendaries, Artifact Power and Epic gear on-par or even better than raiding gear! With all of this being said only the most skilled and elite players will be able to conquer this challenging new addition to the 5-man system and that's where our Mythic+ Dungeon Carry comes into play.

Project-Carry is made up of over 100 top players across the world, ready to fight by your side through whatever content it is you seek to defeat. Our Mythic+ Dungeon Boost is our most popular wow pve carry that we have to offer and is a great way to power your character up to the top! Maybe you're interested in a mythic raid carry instead? The information below will cover the nitty gritty about our wow raid carry service!