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Maldraxxus Mounts: The Grotesque and Abominable
March 02, 2021
Maldraxxus Mounts: The Grotesque and Abominable
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If you’re a fan of the macabre and grotesque, Maldraxxus is crawling with mounts just for you! All the mounts found here are dropped off various mobs. Some are endlessly farmable, and the others are limited lockouts. This is a huge time waster zone for collectors so let’s take a look at the abominations in store.

Maldraxxus Mounts from Rares

Many of the mounts found in Maldraxxus are obtained from rare spawns in the area. This is both a blessing and a curse, however, seeing that the majority are not guaranteed drops. Maldraxxus mounts differ from the other zones in that they require a lot more luck to obtain.

Warbringer Mal’korak

Warbringer Mal’korak is a rare that can be found in the House of the Chosen at 33.8, 80.0. He spawns at the base of the tower and is marked on the map as his mount, Wartusk. After engaging combat with Wartusk, Warbringer Mal’korak will jump off and enter the fight as well. Combined, they have roughly 370k hp and hit pretty hard so having a group is recommended. In addition, make sure you move him away from his warbanners to prevent the 20% damage buff from overtaking you.

Once slain, Warbringer has a small (2%) chance to drop the Blisterback Bloodtusk mount which resembles Wartusk. This is a ground only mount. Additionally, the respawn timer is between 1-2 hours and he CAN spawn when the elite world quest is up in that area.


Tahonta has remained a bit of a mystery until fairly recently. It was stated in the collections tab that she drops a mount but there was a lot of confusion as to how you obtain it. Finally, the quest is over and we now know the mount is only lootable by members of the necrolord covenant. In order to be eligible, you must be at renown 32 and have Neena with you from rank 2 Stitchyard when you go to kill Tahonta. Also, remember to use her fetch ability on Tahonta’s corpse as this seems to be a key to receiving the mount.

Tahonta is a rare tauralus that can be found at 44.5, 52, around the western side of the Theater of Pain. She drops the Bonehoof Tauralus mount which looks identical to her, for necrolords, and this is a ground only mount. Furthermore, she has a fairly short respawn timer, roughly around 15 minutes, so if she’s not there, just be patient.

Nerissa Heartless

Nerissa Heartless is a rare that spawns near 66.0,34.4 in the House of Rituals. She is a fairly easy to solo mob as long as you kick important casts. Additionally, she is surrounded by a bunch of other mobs so it’s probably wise to clear these out first before engaging.

She has a small (2%) chance to drop Gorespine, an unarmored maldraxxi boar, when slain. Nerissa also has a decent respawn timer of around 40 minutes. Additionally, she grants credit towards and is available during the Liches get Stitches world quest. Gorespine is a ground only mount.


Gieger is a large hulking abomination found in the House of Constructs. This rare can only be summoned by necrolords via their anima conductor sanctum upgrades. Unfortunately, this also means the mount he drops is only lootable by members of the necrolord covenant. Worry not, however, much like all other anima conductor mounts this mount can be used by ALL characters.

Geiger spawns at 31.4, 35.6 and is on a once per day loot lockout. Once slain, members of the necrolord covenant have a 2% chance to loot the Predatory Plagueroc. This is a green recolor of the roc dropped by the Violet Mistake and functions as both a flying and ground mount.

Additionally, if you are having insanely bad luck, you are able to instead purchase this mount from the renown quartermaster for 5000 anima and 75 grateful offerings.

Random Event Drops

Maldraxxus mounts don’t all come from rare spawns, however, they are still farmable from other types of mobs. One of them can even be farmed endlessly to your heart’s content if you’re truly insane. On the other hand, the others just require a bit more coordination.

Violet Mistake

The Violet Mistake is a unique rare in Maldraxxus since it requires some coordination to summon. This rare is summoned down by the House of Plagues from the slime pools. In order to do this, the number of red and blue oozes must be equal but also higher than yellow. To clarify, the easiest way to do this is to get 15 red oozes and 15 blue oozes. However, if someone drops a yellow in, you can remedy this by dropping in another yellow followed by 14 of each red and blue. This results in 14 red, 14 blue, and 2 yellow oozes. 

The frustrating part of summoning this rare is how easily it can be scuffed by other players in the area. Because the oozes are also a requirement of a weekly quest, it’s best to avoid on reset day. Coordination is key so if your shard isn’t dead, you may just want to queue up for the rare in the group finder.

Once successfully summoned and defeated, this rare has a 4% chance to drop the Slime Covered Reins of the Hulking Deathroc. Additionally, this is a rather grotesque, stitched up, undead Roc that functions as both a flying and ground mount.

Finally, the Violet Mistake appears to be on a once per day loot lockout per character after a more recent bugfix.

Battle-Bound Warhound

The Gnawed Reins of the Battle-Bound Warhound have a 1% chance to drop off any of the elites on rotation in the open world Theater of Pain. This is a ground only mount that resembles a green, stitched-up hound.

Each elite is on a once per day lockout per character. To clarify, you can kill each of the 4 elites on rotation but killing them a second time is irrelevant. You will not get additional chances beyond the first. Also important to note, you do not need to be level 60 to loot this mount. These elites scale with level and this is one of two mounts in shadowlands to not require max level. You can farm these elites with all of your alts the moment you get them to the Shadowlands.

Unfortunately the data is inconclusive but speculation says the Amateur Night quest DOESN’T have to be active to be eligible. The ‘bet on yourself’ daily quest is also not required for eligibility.

Callow Flayedwing

The Chewed Reins of the Callow Flayedwing has a 100% chance to drop from the Cracked Blight-Touched Egg. Don’t get ahead of yourselves though, farming this egg is the real nightmare. 

The Blight Touched Egg has a very low drop chance off any of the flayedwing mobs in Maldraxxus. The drop rate is roughly 0.2% so strap in for a long farm, mount collectors!

Even though this grind seems nightmarish, there is an ideal farming spot where you can mass pull in droves. The neonate bonetooths west of Theater of Pain seem to have the highest drop rate and respawn quite quickly. The exact location is around 45.6, 49.6, additionally, this is close to where Tahonta patrols.

Finally, once you’re lucky enough to receive this egg, it will hatch into the Callow Flayedwing after 5 days. The Callow Flayedwing is a flying undead chimaera mount and is a recolor of Marrowfang from Necrotic Wake.

Happy hunting!

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