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Maelie the Wanderer and other Korthia Mounts
August 24, 2021
Maelie the Wanderer and other Korthia Mounts
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Korthia is a new zone abundant with new mounts to collect. Among these new mounts are three easily obtainable ones all earnable within a week. Maelie is the most coveted of these, as a pale pink unicorn.

Maelie the Wanderer

Patch 9.1 introduced a new pink unicorn mount in the form of Maelie the Wanderer. She is a ground only mount obtained by finding and returning her to Tinybell 6 times. Similar to Sinrunner Blanchy, you do not need to find her on 6 consecutive days but on the 6th time finding her, she will be given to you as a mount.

Whether or not Maelie is lost on a given day, is determined at random. Some days she will still be hanging out in the main Korthia hub. If she is not seen near Tinybell, talking with the fae will prompt you to go looking for her. Maelie can be found in one of 20 different spawn locations around Korthia. If she is out and about, the safest bet is to ask players in general chat if they have seen her that day. Doing this can likely save you 30 minutes of frustration and running around. 

Some notable locations Maelie can be found at are:

  • 68, 30 on the ledge south east of Keeper’s Respite; you will need a glider to reach her.
  • 60, 15 on the path leading into the Beastwarrens section of the Maw
  • 35.8, 46.4 on the chains
  • 33, 39 on the rocks underneath the path

Fortunately, Maelie is not known to spawn inside the rift or over on the island where the Vault of Secrets is located. Because of this, you will be able to run around mostly uninterrupted (curse the dazing mechanic) while searching for her. Once you have located her for that given day, clicking on her will instantly return her to her pen at Keeper’s Respite. Returning there will have Tinybell waiting and thanking you for finding her.

After you have found Maelie for the sixth time, Tinybell will have a quest waiting for you. This quest is simply titled Maelie the Wanderer, and simply asks you to accept responsibility for the unicorn. Turning it in will reward you with the Reins of the Wanderer mount.

Additionally, at patch launch, Maelie was incredibly buggy. She was ‘missing’ from the camp but couldn’t be located anywhere in the zone. This has apparently since been fixed and responded to with a blue post mentioning she does not go missing every day. Because of this, you will be lucky to be able to obtain her mount within your first week trying. 

Other Mounts

Aside from Maelie, there are two other easily farmable mounts earned within Korthia. These mounts are the Darkmaul Shardhide and the Dusklight Razorwing, a ground and flying mount respectively. Both of these mounts are earned by turning in lootable items to their respective NPCs.


Darkmaul is a ground only shardhide mount befriended within Korthia. In order to befriend him, you will have to find and bring him a total of 10 tasty mawshrooms. After feeding him each one, he will allow you to ride around on him for 2 minutes. Once you have fed him 10 mawshrooms, he will appear in your bags as a learnable mount!

The Tasty Mawshrooms are lootable items from the invasive mawshroom treasures scattered throughout the trees of Korthia. These treasures show up on the mini map as chests but can also be found with the Swagsnout Gromit. This little guy can be bought from the archivist’s codex reputation for only 35 catalogued research and will sniff out treasures throughout the zone. The limit on looting invasive mawshrooms is capped at only 5 per day, however, the chance of looting a tasty mawshroom is only 10-20%.

Once you have looted 10 Tasty Mawshrooms, you must seek out Darkmaul at (43, 32). You do not have to turn in all 10 at once, nor do you have to ride him for the full duration to get credit. 

Dusklight Razorwing

The Dusklight Razorwing mount is a flying mount looted within Korthia. In order to obtain this mount, you must farm and return 10 Lost Razorwing Eggs to their nest in Windswept Aerie in southern Korthia. 

These eggs can be looted from all gorger type mobs around Korthia. These include Ravenous Gorgers, Nimble Scavengers, Mindseize Controllers, and Xyraxz the Unknowable. Unfortunately, you are only able to loot two eggs per day. Because of this, the minimum amount of days it will take to earn the Dusklight Razorwing is five days. However, the first egg each day tends to drop within the first couple of kills. It’s the second egg that unfortunately can take a while to loot. 

Once you have obtained all ten lost razorwing eggs, bring them to the nest located at (25, 50) and turn them in one at a time. After the tenth egg is turned in, the Dusklight Matriarch will fly down, and the Dusklight Razorwing mount will appear in your bags.

Another important thing to note is to make sure you are not in a raid group when you turn in the eggs. The turn ins count as a quest and you will not receive credit for them but they will disappear.

Shadowlands has been rather kind to mount collectors as we’ve already seen over 100 new additions so far. Korthia on its own, introduced roughly 40 new mounts since 9.1 launched. This is the best expansion to work on those meta collection achievements in a long time. Collectors should anticipate many more new mounts in the patches to come.

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