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Legendary Bow and Quiver Drops From Sylvanas
May 10, 2021
Legendary Bow and Quiver Drops From Sylvanas
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Finally, after a fairly long wait, the patch 9.1 ptr is up and running with raid testing in full swing. The ptr dungeon journal was updated to show Sanctum of Domination loot tables. Sylvanas’ has several notable drops for hunters including a legendary bow.

Sylvanas is the final boss of the next raid tier, Sanctum of Domination. Blizzard also is doing a repeat of the ‘final bosses drop higher item level’ loot rule. Because of this, Her and Kel’thuzad’s loot tables will be highly sought after by min maxers and high key pushers. Reaching these end tier bosses will be a challenging endeavor in mythic but those who manage will be rewarded with item level 259 loot.

In patch 9.1, Blizzard is finally showing hunters some love with some notable drops on Sylvanas’ loot table. This includes a legendary quality bow and a unique cloak that resembles a quiver.

Legendary Bow

Among other high item level loot drops for all classes, hunters received a special addition in the form of a legendary bow. This bow is currently known only as ‘DNT - PH - 9.1 Raid Bow 2’ on the ptr which should be updated soon. Also, this bow comes with perfect stats for beast mastery hunters, offering both crit and haste. Unfortunately the model of this bow has disappointed many transmog fans. This bow only appears to be available in one tint and does not vary by difficulty. However, this factor is likely due to it being a legendary quality item. Furthermore, this bow has a unique equip effect which grants an additional ability known as ‘Wailing Arrow’.

Wailing Arrow is an ability with a 2 second cast on a 1 minute cooldown that deals some nasty aoe damage. This ability has a 40 yard range and costs the hunter 15 focus to use (this is negligibly offset by the cast time). Wailing Arrow fires an enchanted arrow at the target, dealing shadow damage to them. Additionally, it deals a smaller amount of shadow damage to all enemies within 8 yards of the target and silences everything hit for 5 seconds.

This ability is going to be especially useful in mythic+ dungeons purely because of the silence feature. Adding an aoe silence to hunters’ kit is going to be insanely valuable in interrupt-heavy dungeons. It will also deal a nice chunk of additional aoe by the end of a run.

Drop Rate Concerns

Unfortunately, since this was updated to be a legendary item, it has left many hunters worrying about the drop chance. Blizzard has yet to comment on this and we probably won’t get a definitive answer until we start seeing it drop on live. People are concerned that this will turn into another ‘aman'thul’s debacle’ where maybe 3 players on a server saw it. With how important the ability granted by this bow seems, this concern is very understandable.

Fortunately, this bow doesn’t seem to be affected by the ‘unique shadowlands legendary’ restriction. This means hunters will be able to equip this bow in addition to their other legendary should they be lucky enough to loot it.

Bow Changelist

Remember to take all of these values with a grain of salt as this is still a beta environment. Blizzard has been making changes to patch 9.1 almost daily at this stage and this bow in particular is no stranger to that. This legendary bow has seen several crucial changes and it’s uncertain if this is the final iteration.

The wailing arrow ability originally replaced kill-shot in the first iteration. As a result, this was highly abusable by venthyr hunters as it procc’d a reset with flayed shot. Blizzard was very quick to change this. The secondary part of the ability also used to stun for 5 seconds instead of silence. 

While this bow currently has ideal stats, being crit and haste, this wasn't always the case. Originally, the bow had both haste and mastery on it instead. This change made the bow more appealing for both marksman and beast mastery.

The current model of this bow on the ptr is likely the finalized version. Originally the bow resembled the covenant themed weapons we currently have from Castle Nathria. The bow was changed to the maw-themed one we have now. This does unfortunately mean we won’t get varying tints based on difficulty to match the quivers.

Quiver Cloak

In addition to the bow, Sylvanas also drops a cloak with a unique equip effect that resembles a quiver. This cloak will only drop for hunters and is epic quality. While this quiver has crit strike and haste secondaries, it's also perfect for beast mastery hunters. Furthermore, this cloak currently only has a placeholder name, ‘PH - DNT - 9.1 Raid Quiver’, which will also hopefully be updated soon.

This quiver comes in 4 different colors based on raid difficulty: Raid finder, normal, heroic, and mythic. Unfortunately for those invested in matching transmogs, the only matching tint for the legendary bow comes from mythic.

Equipping this quiver gives hunters a new proc effect called ‘Withering Fire’. This effect triggers a flurry of attacks in front of you every 5 shots, dealing a moderate amount of shadow damage. Additionally, the damage of this effect scales with the item level of the quiver.

This effect works similarly to the legendary xuen cloak from mists of pandaria except this one is player controlled. Instead of the damage being tied to random chance, withering fire will trigger after every 5 shots fired by the hunter.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully as the patch release gets closer we get more information as to how these items will be obtained. Legendaries like this should be accessible to more than just a lucky few players on a realm. Especially when this is likely our only good weapon option from the raid. The community is also in a horrible state as far as meta classes are concerned. The hope is that having this bow won't be the deciding factor in getting into dungeon groups. This would be an unfortunate chain of events resulting in negatively shaping the mythic+ meta. We can only hope this legendary bow drops as normal and is only sporting an orange name tag for prestige.

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