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Chains of Domination Goes Live Next Week
June 21, 2021
Chains of Domination Goes Live Next Week
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Patch 9.1, Chains of Domination finally got its launch date of June 29th. With the release of this patch, many season 1 rewards will become unobtainable. Additionally, Shadowlands: Season 2 begins the following week which brings with it many new achievements. This will also mark the start of the new raid tier, Sanctum of Domination. There’s still lots to do in preparation for this patch and time is certainly running out quickly.

What’s Going Away with Chains of Domination

As with the launch of every new patch, several achievements will become unobtainable in Chains of Domination. This means there is only one week left to get everything done for season 1 rewards!

Keystone Master: Shadowlands Season 1

Keystone Master achievements have become a staple of pride in the mythic+ community since their inception in BFA. This achievement requires the player to time each of the current dungeons in time at level 15 or higher. Additionally, those who are successful will also receive a mount that changes with each season in an expansion. With the launch of Chains of Domination, however, all of the season 1 rewards will become unobtainable. Because of this, this week is your last chance to time your remaining dungeons. 

The Shadowlands: Season 1 reward for keystone master is the Sintouched Deathwalker mount. This mount is a dark green death elemental adorned with a silver platform on its back. Most notably, this mount also flies which feels very fitting moving forward in the Shadowlands.

Furthermore, with season 1 ending, we are going to be saying farewell to the prideful affix. This affix will be missed by many as it certainly opened up a lot of strats for high keys. However, healers should be thankful they will never have to deal with this mob during grievous weeks ever again.

If 15’s seem out of reach for you, there is a lesser achievement awarded for timing all current dungeons at level 10 or higher. While doing this unfortunately does not award the mount, it does award the seasonal title of ‘the Proud’.

If you are in need of any assistance in quickly completing your keystone master or keystone conqueror achievements, we can help if you click **HERE**.   

Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 1

This current pvp season will largely not be missed by the pvp community. This is due to the fact of how busted the current state of the meta is. With the release of Chains of Domination, the current pvp season will come to a close. Additionally, all rating associated titles will disappear and the ladder will be locked. Gladiator for Season 1 and the Sinful Gladiator’s Soul Eater mount will no longer be obtainable.

This black smoky dragon mount is a unique skeleton with shadowy wings. Additionally this is a flying mount, like all other gladiator mounts and is account wide. This week is the final week to grind to 2400 rating and get your 50 wins. Good luck to all the aspiring gladiators still queuing!

Ahead of the Curve: Sire Denathrius

This patch also marks the end of the first raid tier in Shadowlands, Castle Nathria. This tier has been quite a long stretch for players but we can rejoice now that it’s over. Consequently, when Sanctum of Domination opens, both the Cutting Edge and Ahead of the Curve achievements for Sire will become unavailable. Anyone looking to add either of these achievements to their collection will have very limited time to do so. Cutting Edge is for mythic difficulty and Ahead of the Curve is for heroic.

Although the Cutting Edge achievement is going away, you can still earn the title for defeating Mythic Sire Denathrius. Doing so will award the title of ‘The Sinbreaker’ and this is not time gated. This will be available to earn at any time.

What’s New in Chains of Domination

As with any new patch, Chains of Domination is bringing with it a ton of new content. Furthermore, this marks the start of Shadowlands: Season 2 and the brand new raid tier. Patch 9.1 is also adding on a new dungeon as well as a brand new catchup zone within the Maw.

Keystone Master: Shadowlands Season 2

The keystone master trend appears to be continuing in every expansion patch moving forward. However, with Blizzard implementing their own system, the requirements are a bit more in depth. Instead of having to complete each dungeon at a level 15 or higher, players will have to begin taking affixes into account. In order to obtain this season’s achievement and rewards, players must earn 2000 or more points via blizzard’s system. This means that if you are just doing the bare minimum, you will have to time every dungeon at a 15 or higher on BOTH tyrannical and fortified weeks. With that said, if you are an avid mythic+ pusher, you can still ignore tyrannical for your score assuming you are pushing high keys. Unfortunately this means completing all dungeons on a level 24 or higher and is out of reach for most players.

Of course, those able to earn 2000 points or more will be awarded the Soultwisted Deathwalker mount. This is a brighter green tinted recolor of the season 1 mount and can also fly. 

Additionally, with the newest mythic+ season comes a brand new affix, tormented. This affix is similar to awakened in BFA, adding several hard hitting lieutenants throughout each dungeon. Each of these have a unique set of abilities and failing to defeat one will result in the final boss gaining their powers. Also, when defeated they drop anima orbs similar to those in torghast, granting a choice of 3 different anima powers. These don’t appear to be random and seem to be in a set rotation for each lieutenant. Some of these powers even mirror current mythic+ affixes such as sanguine, bolstering, and volcanic. 

Shadowlands Arena Season 2

Chains of Domination brings with it a brand new arena season and here’s hoping the meta is better than the previous one. Filling the bar by winning rated matches above 1k rating in any category awards a brand new mount. This mount is a faction themed gorm that is either red or blue in color and is a ground only mount. The gladiator mount is a white armored recolor of the Sinful Gladiator’s Soul Eater mentioned earlier. 

Sanctum of Domination Raid

Sanctum of Domination is the second raid tier in Shadowlands. This raid is set in the maw and features 10 new bosses. Additionally, the raid opens its gates on July 6 with mythic and lfr difficulties set to open the following week.

This raid features many new bosses but will also see the return of several familiar faces. The tarrague is the very first boss in the raid and is the same terrifying creature that chases players through failed torghast runs. The raid then leads up to the return of Kel’thuzad and ultimately Sylvanas Windrunner as the final boss.

This raid also features a couple new mounts to obtain. The Sanctum Gloomcharger drops off the Nine on any difficulty and Vengeance drops off Sylvanas on mythic difficulty. The Hand of Hrestimorak is awarded for completing all of the raid achievements and is a unique crawling hand!

Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge achievements for Sylvanas will be available as soon as their respective difficulties go live. However, these are both limited time achievements and you only have until the end of the tier to earn them! Happy raiding!

Tazavesh the Veiled Market

Following the same model of the previous two expansions, we are getting yet another mega dungeon in patch 9.1. After completing a questline, players will be introduced to a Broker named Al’dalil who will lead you to Tazavesh the Veiled Market. This brand new dungeon will initially be mythic difficulty only. This is no different from Karazhan in Legion or Mechagon in BFA. Additionally, following those same models, heroic and mythic+ difficulties will likely come in patch 9.2, and will split the dungeon in half. Tazavesh features 8 new bosses from brokers, to robots, to… a giant pirate dragon!!! The loot drops are set to 226 item level which is the equivalent of current mythic raid loot.

Furthermore, this dungeon will feature a hard mode which will award a mount much like Mechagon’s. Additionally, defeating bosses on hard mode will award loot that is 7 ilvls higher than base. This means that the drops will instead be 233 item level. Hard mode requires killing the first boss which also unfortunately means that you will need a fresh lockout to go for the achievement.

Flying in Shadowlands

Chains of Domination brings with it another highly welcomed feature, FLIGHT! After doing the first 2 weeks of the new covenant campaigns, players will start to rule the skies of the Shadowlands. This feature comes much earlier than in more recent expansions and no longer requires a pathfinder grind. It has also been clarified by blizzard that you will not need to purchase anything in order to fly.


Korthia is the newest addition to the Maw in Chains of Domination. This new zone will feature new quests and two new reputations, Death’s Advance and The Archivists’ Code. 

Earning rep with Death’s Advance is done through a variety of zone based quests. These include dailies, a new weekly quest titled ‘Shaping Fate’, as well as the newly added covenant assaults. These covenant assaults only happen twice per week, similar to the hunts in the rest of the maw, however. Because of this, dailies are probably going to be the quickest way to rank up with Death’s Advance. Conversely, earning reputation with the Archivist’ Codex is done in a more explorative way. You will gain rep by completing activities in Korthia as well as turning in relics uncovered throughout the zone.

This new zone will also feature catchup mechanics for new or returning players. Of course, players will be able to upgrade this gear up to item level 233 with Catalogued Research. Earning this new gear is done through the various new activities that grant rep with the new faction. Daily quests only have a chance to drop gear while assaults and the weekly are guaranteed to give one piece each. Additionally, players can purchase bind on account tokens for alts for 1000 stygia each.

Korthia is very similar to Nazjatar in that it's more open and geared towards exploration. The main focus of the patch's story takes place in this zone so players will spend a lot of time here. However, unlike the rest of the maw in 9.0, there is no Jailer’s Eye mechanic preventing you from spending time here.

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