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August 15, 2018
Getting ready for BFA
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Getting ready for BFA

With BFA being released in exactly 2 weeks, we all try to find something useful to do. Right now, is the best time to level your alts to 110, try to get the heritage armor that is awarded for leveling an allied race from 20 to 110 by hand. It is a rough task, so better get to it!
If all your characters are up to date, you can always visit older raids to get some transmog, mounts and toys! There are some unique mounts that you can get outside from raids, I'm talking about you - Lucid nightmare (Link: Oh, this mount is beautiful but can be a pain to get!

Make sure your main character is ready to go. Stock up on Sugar-crusted fish feasts (Link :, those are pretty handy to heal yourself up quickly and get a well fed buff to speed up your leveling process. Get at least 70-80 flasks, 1000 prolong power potions and healing potions. They are all really cheap at the moment and will give you an edge if you plan to level in war mode (Link : Specially there is always a shortage of flasks and potions at the start of each expansion.

Professions! Ah yeah. Make sure to pick up at least one gathering profession (If you are short on gold) and one crafting. My personal suggestion would be Herbalism and Inscription.

Herbalism will be able to keep you stocked up on herbs to feed your inscription skill (Or just to sell, since herbs are in a high demand early in the expansion) and Inscription will make you a fortune.

How you're asking? First of all, Contracts (Link: will be in a very high demand at the start. People will pay anything to be able to grind reputation faster. You will also be able to make vantus runes for the upcoming raid and war scrolls (Attack power, Intellect and stamina) (Link:, those will be essential for mythic+ groups!

3-4 weeks into BFA, I would suggest dropping off Herbalism and pick up either Enchanting or Alchemy. Both can be really profitable and useful.

Once you got 120 on your first toon, I would suggest hitting the new world quests as soon as possible (try to work on these every day), then you could level your alt(s) to 120. First 3 weeks we will only have access to heroic and mythic dungeons. Raids and mythic+ will only be available on September 4th

Else than everything above, make sure to keep your main and alts geared up to make the leveling process easier. If you need any help at all, make sure to check out our Shop page, we can help with anything!