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Bastion: Puzzle your way to new mounts
February 16, 2021
Bastion: Puzzle your way to new mounts
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For all the mount collectors and puzzle enthusiasts out there, look no further than Bastion! If you’re looking to kill some time, have a go at some of the elusive mounts that can be found here in this gorgeous paradise!

Mount Rares

Much like all other Shadowlands zones so far, several of the mount drops in Bastion are awarded from rares. Neither of the mounts here are guaranteed but one of them maintains a fairly high drop chance nonetheless. 

The Ascended Council

Summoning the Ascended Council is one of the most obnoxious events currently in Shadowlands. This is because you must ring all 5 of the vespers in Bastion within 5 minutes. It is also recommended to do this in a raid group with a warlock to summon you to the rare after ringing every vesper. However, another solo workaround is to park 5 of your alts at the vespers, one at each, and log out between ringing them. However, if the vespers are not currently up on your realm and you cannot find a group in lfg, they have a respawn time of 1-2 hours.

Vesper Locations:

  • Courage: 33.4, 59.8 located south of the Necrotic Wake
  • Humility: 71.9, 38.9 located on the platform in the Temple of Humility.
  • Purity: 64.3, 69.8 located on the platform at Purity’s Pinnacle
  • Wisdom: 39.1, 20.4 located north of Sagehaven flight path at the Eonian Archives.
  • Loyalty: 32.1, 17.8 located northwest of Sagehaven flight path in Exaltation Rise.

After all five bells have been rung, a message will appear in chat alerting everyone in the zone of the event. You will have about one minute to get there before they become active. The Ascended Council is located at 53.5, 88.4; In the southern tip of the zone near Aspirant’s Crucible.

The Ascended Council is on a daily lockout per character and the cache is only lootable by level 60s. It also has a small chance to contain the coveted Ascended Skymane mount.

The Ascended Skymane is a dazzling white unicorn mount with a 5% chance to drop from the Cache of the Ascended. This mount is primarily a ground mount but can fly where flying is permitted.


Sundancer is a rare golden unicorn mob in Bastion that spawns at 61.4, 82.7 with a 1 hour respawn timer. In order to be eligible to loot this rare you must obtain a buff called Sunstrider’s Blessing which can be found at 60, 94. Interacting with the Ancient Memorial here will grant the buff. You must then go to his spawn point and use a Skystrider Glider to interact with him.

These gliders are crafted by Kyrians with special mats however, they can also be bought and sold on the auction house. Members of any covenant can use them.

After you have mounted Sundancer, make sure you mash the soothe button until he carries you back to where you obtained the buff. If done correctly, this should award the achievement “In the Hot Seat”.

Afterwards, talk to the rare and it will start the encounter. You have roughly 5 minutes to bring his health down to 10% before it fails.

The mount is allegedly still not a guaranteed drop but blizzard has hotfixed it to be much higher for players using the glider before fighting him. 

Sundancer drops a mount identical to him and functions as both a ground and flying mount.

Bastion Treasures

Treasures have become much more interactive in recent expansions than the previous ‘find chest get loot’ model they originally followed. There are several more time consuming options on the list of Shadowlands treasures and a handful of them award mounts at the end. Not surprisingly, Bastion is no stranger here with two very notable adventures.

Gift of the Silver Wind

The Gift of the Silver Wind is a rather time consuming treasure to earn in Bastion. It requires looting 50 anima shards all around the zone and inside the two dungeons. Doing so will take roughly 4-6 hours but will award you with a guaranteed mount at the end of your journey. 

Goblin gliders will be your best friend as you embark on this journey so it is recommended you buy a few. In addition, being a venthyr will also come in handy, thanks to Door of Shadows, but it is not required.

Shard coordinates:

  1. 39.05, 77.04 on a platform below the bridge
  2. 43.6, 76.2 just above the waterfall
  3. 48.4, 72.7 on top of the arch on the main structure
  4. 52.6, 75.5 above the water on a ledge
  5. 53.3, 73.6 under the small bridge
  6. 56.87, 74.98 on the wall
  7. 61.04, 85.66 on a rock on the side of the cliff
  8. 55.96, 86.66 Above the entrance to the Chamber
  9. 58.1, 80.1 on a rock above the waterfall
  10.  65.52, 71.92 behind a stone column in Purity’s Pinnacle
  11. 53.5, 80.6 on top of the column
  12. 46.7 65.95 on top of the stone archway
  13.  34.84, 65.8 on a ledge beneath Epistasia
  14.  40.0, 59.1 On top of the pillar
  15. 38.5, 53.26 on top of the tilted structure
  16. 50.7, 56.1 on top of the wooden structure
  17. 54.0, 59.7 under the small bell
  18. 58.1, 63.9 under the bridge at Walk of Recollection
  19.  57.6, 55.7 at the base of the tree
  20. 51.7, 48 on a ledge under Hero’s Rest
  21. 47, 49.2 under the platform
  22. 41.4, 46.6 on a ledge above Dionae’s cave
  23. 42.7 39.4 on top of the gazebo
  24. 42.8, 33.2 on the small ledge
  25. 44.9, 28.4 on the small rock ledge
  26. 42.3, 24 on a ledge above the path
  27. 46.7, 18 under the rocky overhang
  28. 52.44, 09.42 behind some barrels in the cave
  29. 56.2, 17.3 above the Memorial Offerings treasure
  30.  59.88, 13.9 jump on the rock before the cliff top
  31. 56.7, 28.8 on the table
  32. 65.2, 42.9 on the bookcase
  33. 72.4, 40.3 on a ledge below the cliff
  34. 66.9, 26.9 under the platform
  35. 57.55, 38.3 behind the barrels in Hall of Beasts
  36. 52.1, 39.39 on top of the column
  37. 49.99, 38.26 under the bridge
  38. 48.5, 34.9 on top of the column
  39. 37.1, 24.7 above the waterfall
  40. 33, 37.6 at the end of the ledge
  41. 31, 27.5 at the bottom of the pond
  42. 30.6, 23.7 on top of the archway
  43. 26.1, 22.6 behind the barrels
  44. 24.6, 22.98 on top of a column on the lower level
  45. 24.6, 18.2 on a shelf in the Citadel of Loyalty

Necrotic Wake:

  1. 52.5, 88.6 behind the large fallen bell
  2. 36.2, 22.8 behind the pillar in Fall of Courage

Spires of Ascension:

Gardens of Repose

  1. 46.6, 53.1 behind a lounge chair
  2. 69.4, 38.7 behind a torch

Font of Fealty

  1. 49.8, 46.9 on a ledge hanging over the central font

Finally, after obtaining all 50 shards, you must now speak with Forgelight Hephaesius (59.3, 31.4) and he will give you the Crystal Mallet of Heralds. You must then bring this mallet to the Vesper of the Silver Wind (36.04, 26.5) and use it to ring the bell. Doing so awards you with the Silver Wind Larion mount.

This mount is a gorgeous silver larion model usable by all characters regardless of covenant and is a flying mount.

Penitence of Purity

The Penitence of Purity is only accessible for members of the Kyrian covenant via their anima conductors. Completing this event has a small chance to award the Phalynx of Humility mount, however, unlike other anima conductor mounts, it cannot be used by other covenant members. Although, it can still be purchased from the renown quartermaster for the same price as the others, 75 grateful offerings and 5000 anima.

Firstly, to trigger this event, you must channel your anima conductor to the Temple of Purity. Next, travel there and interact with the Burden of Penitence object. This will then be marked on your map and can spawn in random locations each day. Clicking it will then give a debuff that reduces movement speed by 65%. After doing this, the object is to make your way to the treasure while dodging all the blue swirls on the ground. The chest has a small chance to contain the Phalynx of Humilty mount, roughly a 2% drop. The penitence of purity is on a daily lockout per character.

This mount is a red version of the other kyrian covenant phalynx cats and is a ground only mount.

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