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A More Diverse World (of Warcraft)
October 19, 2020
A More Diverse World (of Warcraft)
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Transmoggers rejoice! Blizzard has finally relaxed some of the more outdated transmog restrictions in this pre-patch along with fully updating the character creation screen with new animations and offering much more customization options for all available races. Now you can have your night elf proudly display they survived Teldrassil with a burn scar. If high elves are more your speed, pale void elves and blue eyed blood elves are also an option. Artifact skins are finally class-wide and much more versatile as well.


These transmog changes include:


  • Wands can finally be transmogged into swords or other one handers, class permitting of course (i.e. a priest cannot mog to a sword and a mage cannot mog to a mace).
  • Artifact skins are fully unlocked class wide and will appear under their appropriate weapon type listings in your appearance tab. i.e. you should be able to use a discipline priest artifact skin as a holy priest and vice versa.
  • You are also now able to mix and match artifact skins and tints for dual wielders.

Unfortunately, daggers are not classified as one handers and, as such, cannot be transmogged into other weapon types at this time.


On the subject of player customization, the paid services for character gender swaps or other special customization options (death knight exclusive skin tones come to mind) have been removed and transferred to the barber shop for gold instead along with many new options. NPC’s in the world have also been updated and randomized to reflect these new changes.

  • Most races received multiple new skin color options including darker tones.
  • Many races received new jewelry options which include body chains and necklaces much like the already existing options for Kul Tirans.
  • Lots of new eye color options including half blind options, blue eyes for blood elves (high elf fans rejoice), and heterochromia options to name a few.
  • Death Knight hair colors are no longer exclusive and are now available to all specs of that race.
  • Many different hair style options for all races, some including flowers and vines for tauren and night elves respectively.
  • More hair colors in general for all races.
  • Druids can now choose their form options at the barbershop instead of having them locked to their specialization or glyphs. This also includes the fire kitty form originally from Firelands.
  • Tattoos and body paints are also available for select races and no longer exclusive to just allied races.
  • Undead finally have the option to hide their bones and appear as ‘fresh’ corpses.


The character creation screen for new characters has also been completely revamped to reflect these new changes and you can now choose color swatches from a drop down menu. 


Blizzard is also currently offering a sale on all character change services up until November 15, 2020. If you’re interested in options offered by a different race, now is the perfect chance to try them out at a discount. 


Allied races in Shadowlands have become much easier to unlock. They will no longer require you to grind to exalted with the appropriate factions and, instead, just require you to complete the associated quest line/achievement with that race. For example you just need to complete the insurrection storyline for Nightborne or the war campaign and the zone appropriate quest line in BFA for Zandalari trolls or Kul Tirans (faction permitting). This makes for a much quicker means of snagging some new race options and testing out some of the new customization options!

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